So, below is a list of themes I've noticed on Lost. Maybe it would look better if I would say that I've learned these things from life experience. The truth is, living breathing humans have taught me these things. It's just rare and interesting to see these themes played out on Broadcast television. While home sick with the flu a few weeks ago I started watching Lost, for the first time. I started with episode one and was immediately sucked in.There is something so intriguing about people you meet on a plane and never expect to see again. What happens when strangers who would never under normal circumstances meet and negotiate relationships are thrust together in order to survive?Anyway, here's my list:

Trust your instincts.

Listen to what is happening around you.

You are never alone so don’t act like it, it’s very rarely all about you.

Share what you have and give towards the greater good.

Be open and honest and clear because we don’t all have the same agenda.

At every judgment call it becomes clear that we are constantly wrestling with our own character, our own imperfections.

No one is perfect, we are all on a search for some sort of redemption. And we all have a story.

Give forgiveness whenever possible.