Weekend Update

I called my brother Ty, yesterday because it was his birthday. He asked me what I was going to do with my day and hinted that I should probably be blogging so as not to disappoint the readers. All 3 of you.


This is for him, and you, of course.


There was the normal weekend things...

Groceries, dishes, laundry... saturday morning cartoons and sleeping in until 7:30 am.


Have I put you to sleep yet?

There was knitting and running and emailing and procrastinating about things I keep telling myself I will start.


There was fun stuff too.

Swing dancing with Cathy... coffee at the Americana with Dan on Friday night... Walking and talking and dodging the rain with Sarah on Saturday morning... Pesto Pasta and journal making and retreat planning with Debbie and Laura on Sunday night.


I need more weekends like this only longer.