Ink Well

I found out that November is National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a complete novel, 175 pages or 50,000 words in one months time. I'm not sure if this is possible but it sounds intriguing.

It seems that one persons fun is someone else's idea of torture. For example: todays staff lunch... someone announced that an apple picking outing sounded like a great idea. I suggested river rafting. We were divided. River rafting sounded too risky for some and apple picking to boring for the others. We sort of settled on a thanksgiving potluck and secret santa celebrations. Working 8 to 5 monday through friday is HARD!

I may have lost track of what I came here to say. Where was I? A novel in a month. Starting tomorrow. Really? I read that some 15,000 people actually accomplished this last November. Really? My question is this: Were they any good? There are a lot of books published each year but very few of them are any good. And these are just the published books... what about all the rejects! 

Maybe I just need to think positive. 

I'm trying but it sort of feels like I am saying yes to running a marathon. It sounds like a good idea while I'm laying on the couch in my pajamas but tomorrow when I'm tying my shoes I will be seriously regretting my decision.

In other news, I found this website: Conversant Life

I'll try to start posting some articles there and see what happens. 

Who knows, this time next month I will either be really tired of typing or I will have finished something that resembles a novel... or both.