The Road

A few questions come to mind as I sit to write this... How come, in the movies, it's always raining at funerals? Or, the future is depicted as a sterile 1950's middle America? How about this one: According to the movies, smart people always wear glasses, big thick glasses?

Yes, these are the things I think about when I let my mind wander.

If I could give you a picture of this last year and how things played out for me, I would show you a picture of a winding road, the windows down and the music up... One hand on the wheel and the other feeling the wind as we float along and leave a wave of dust in our wake.

It's been a year of trying new things and making my way in a new place entirely. It's been a year of letting go and moving forward and the fearlessness is freeing. This year found me moving to Los Angeles and starting over in a very tiny house.

Random side note: My place is so small that when I boil water on the stove, all the windows fog up. I'm not exaggerating. Anyway...

Let's see, what else? I graduated from Biola University, found myself on TV and Movie soundstages, made amazing new friends and backpacked for the first time! I was always so sure I was a city girl and now I'm not so sure.

I sort of feel like I had the opportunity to take the year off and maybe know it's time to get back to work. You know, take more of a big girl job. But I'm more focused now, I know what I'm working for... And I'm excited to open this new chapter and see what the road ahead really looks like.